Moments of Reflection: End of Year Inspiration

CIMG0760I just wrapped up an interview with Beaver T from prAna and I get chills every time read through my notes (post under review and once approved I will post soon!).  The interview forced me to dig deep and within beyond climbing.

CIMG0839It has been over a month of having this finger injury and to tie it back to my visit with prAna, as I journey along with my climbing, I am surprised that when I first started I cared more about grades and the physical (or face value) aspect of climbing.   While you read this article, yet again I am posting pictures from an inspiring (and training) hike I did recently in California, just because!

Now I care more about the overall experience and how it helps me grow from within.  I think that that sort of inspiration will ultimately help my climbing.

CIMG0875From the beginning of starting this blog I have always said to enjoy your climbing no matter what the grade.  I mean that.  At the moment, with my finger injury, I have to take it easy.  I have used every session at the gym to work on foot work, endurance, slowly challenge myself, but most of all, the injuries this year has forced me to explore the need to transform into a climber that is balanced and healthy in what they say “mind, body and soul”.

For instance, the other day I went to the gym and I climbed only 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8s consecutively to see how many I could do without pain.  I reached about 11 climbs.  I then a few days later bouldered the 5.10s in the lead cave, and although physically in body movement the climbs did not feel super challenging, the pain and weakness in my right fingers did dictate I was not ready yet to push myself.

CIMG0810I cancelled a trip to El Potrero over Christmas, a family trip fell through, and I thought what will fall on my lap, what am I meant to do? Somehow in just a couple days a miraculous trip came together.  My friend Sophia and I will start from the south of California and tour all the way to Northern California (aka, San Fran).  We will boulder, hike, climb and sight see.  So this trip is not about Doris climbing 24/7, but rather it is more of a true journey.

CIMG0799My goal out of the trip is not to produce a trip report of all my hard sends, but rather I hope this trip helps me meditate on 2012, the good and the lessons learned.  I hope this trip helps me sulk in the beautiful Sierras and draw inspiration when forming my New Years Resolutions as well as making climbing and personal goals for the next year.

This time last year I would have been devastated in cancelling a full fledge climbing trip.  This year I lovingly and soulfully embraced the opportunity to explore and sulk in nature. I am happy to have some climbing and hiking as part of the trip, and also happy I have a non-climbing friend with me on this adventure.  I never realized this, but it is forcing me to experience the other pretty and precious things of life in addition to climbing.  CIMG0876

Together, we hope to experience an adventure to remember!

Meanwhile Sophia and I plan out (kind of, sort of, haha) our Californication adventures, enjoy the slide show of my recent hike in Crystal Cove, CA and….. 

(1) Meditate on 2012, list out the good and the lessons learned (rather than the bad),

(2) Think about a few New Years Resolutions, and

(3) Set at least one climbing and person goal to achieve next year.

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