Health, Wellness and Tips

I have only been climbing 3 years, and I have to say I have been able to climb at so many destinations around the US and various international locations.

BUT I have a long journey ahead of me hopefully with many more awesome climbing experiences along with opportunities to accomplish new goals, achieving more milestones, conquering fears, refining my foot work while mastering technique and learning new skills, mastering traditional climbing, boulder outside more, keep leading sport outdoors and so much more!

While in my journey, I have managed to accomplish many cool things without a ton of work or effort. But with recent injuries I realize I am now at that point that I really need to gain more strength and get into better shape to help avoid injuries, to help improve performance on harder climbs and problems and to help keep me strong during a long climbing trip, especially towards the end of a trip.

With this page I will share my tips and the many things I learn along the way.  I am not Eric Hoorst Sharing is for caring and maybe what I learn can help someone else.

If you would like to share a great climbing or workout tip, please share with me with some pictures at  

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