Gym Trippin’

Why in the world would you climb everywhere and anywhere….INSIDE??  Um…yeah!

Getting your ‘climb on’ means exploring the outdoors and getting your ‘fitness on’ indoors!  Isn’t there a benefit to climbing completely new routes set by route setters you are not used to? YUPPERS!  Figure out a new boulder sequence or just climb a fun route to the top…get your climb on!

So whether it’s a rainy day or you are on business travel…no EXCUSE not to get your climb on!  Make it a goal to go on and scope out your new indoor climbing training adventure!

Here is climbingjourney’s has been and a tiny snap shot to do list of US climbing gym reviews to come!

  • Inner Peaks (Charlotte, NC)
  • Peak Experiences (Richmond, VA)
  • Momentum (Salt Lake City. UT)
  • Triangle Rock Club (Morrisville, NC – my home gym!)
  • Manhattan Plaza Health Club (NY, NY)
  • Brooklyn Boulders (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Rock’n and Jam’n (Centenniel, CO)
  • Vertical Ventures (Tampa, FL)
  • Sports Center at Chelsea Piers (NY, NY)
  • X-Treme: The Rock Climbing Center (Miami, FL)
  • Stone Summit (Atlanta, GA)
  • Rockreation (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Carabiner’s Indoor Climbing (Fairfield, CT)
  • 1, 2 or 3 of the Earth Treks Climbing Gyms near Washington, DC
  • And more and more and more!

2 thoughts on “Gym Trippin’

  1. David, I practically live in the Atlanta airport, I use it as my hub, so that is a deal, I promise you to check out Atlanta Rocks really soon, and I have an Atlanta climber friend that I will take with me! Thanks for the suggestion and I will be sure to come over the next month or so. ~DorisTheExploris

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