I am not the expert by any means, but in order to get around like I do, I need to make sure I am safe, prepared for the environment I am about to explore and be super cozy while I get my adventure on!  That being said, as I go along, I will add product reviews and guide recommendations as an extra resource to readers.

The purpose of this page is not to tell readers which is the best of the best or the worst of the worst, but to share product reviews and tips on gear, guidebooks, active wear and related topics as my friends and/or I utilize them in our adventures or even day to day local cragging.  It is nice to get tips from a climber’s and/or end user perspective.

Guides, ready navigate!  When I first started climbing, I thought ‘why would I hire a guide?’ But now I am a smarter climber, guides are an awesome idea and super resourceful. Whether you are a solo or inexperienced climber who needs that added comfort of a guide or an experienced climber who needs a native climber to show you where to go and how to get around and get orientated, guides are a great option you should always explore if you budget allows you to!

Whether it is a guide, gear, or what not, whatever I post here, it will be informational and an added resource.

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