Californication Meditation Time

Californication Meditation Time

My Life, My Journey

I am a proud New York born Spanish chica who spent my time divided between the back then rough mobster and brass knuckle filled South Brooklyn and jammin’ Jersey Shore (fist pump!). Living la vida loca, I juggled school, training as an elite gymnast, life in NJ, life in Brooklyn, working as a young kid and much more. In looking back, I was a natural born traveler, outdoors sport kinda chic, ultra independent, super ambitious while trying to seek a balance.

IMG_9208As an adult I am not that different less the fist pumps and brass knuckles! I put myself through college (even though my ex tells people he paid for it, somehow I am still paying off my student loan, haha), I worked from the bottom to the top of a career in Cancer research, I travel everywhere and anywhere and get outside. Most of all, everywhere I go, I meet one or more amazing souls each time and at least a handful of hilarious stories to tell. I get this kind of life is not for everyone, but it is kind of the normal life for me.

I was inspired to start this blog by a beautiful friend and instantly was successful with sponsorship offers and so many things coming from every direction. Too much coming at me and too much commercialization kind of stuff that I just burned out. I took a step back and focused on my advanced studies, growing the organization I work for and worked on healing from a weird and ugly finger injury.

IMG_0840In that period of “blog hibernation”, I started thinking about what direction to head in with this blog. I decided I still want to interview folks, maybe some health tips here and there, but put forth most of my focus on the short reflection/inspirational posts to take readers through my life, my journey.


At last, my angle, my comfort and what I think might be the reason why I wanted to blog in the first place before the storm of coolness whisked me away into another direction.


Photo credit to Sophia at http://www.sophiaharcourt.com

I hope this blog inspires everyone to:

  • Explore the outdoors,
  • Experience stepping out of one’s comfort zone,
  • Inspire and help others,
  • Travel at least to one different place every year,
  • Try new things,
  • And live a happy, healthy life.

Bye guys, gotta get on a plane and get to the crag!

Yours truly,


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Yeah Doris!

    I too will live vicariously through you and your adventures. ONE day I will get the time to follow in your fun lovin footsteps! 😉


  2. Yeah Doris!
    I love learning of your new adventures. You and your happy travelin’ feet will give me ideas and a little push! I will live vicariously through you on this site while building ideas/plans for my next adventure.

  3. So glad you finally got your blog going and totally geared towards what you love doing. Some people climb the walls out of frustration. You do it because you enjoy it so much;). Can’t wait to hear about all your travels!

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