This Sunday’s Mushy Creation

My produce box delivery, how I (and Louie) plan each week's meals.

My produce box delivery, how I (and Louie) plan each week’s meals.

Recently, I had written an article about my mission to just feel healthier and how it led to a weight loss I was not even planning on.  Well, I am at 30 pounds down to date and no counting calories, no special diet, but I am just trying to build the habit of making good decisions most of the time.  If it comes out of the earth somehow, I want to ingest that most of the time.  
Excited, got the music on, food ready, prep time!

Excited, got the music on, food ready, prep time!

After that article, I received numerous requests to provide ad hoc posts sharing some of my made up recipes, particularly meals that easily can be taken to work and a dessert option from time to time.  After getting my produce box delivery, I decided to go with a funny theme of a mashy kind of food and dessert, just in time for winter.  For the convenience part, which many have asked for, I allowed a couple somewhat processed foods, that is the two that would generally take the longest to cook if made from scratch.  For the dessert, I decided to keep it super simple.  

Excited, got the music on, food ready, prep time!

Excited, got the music on, food ready, prep time!

Keep this in mind…..make sure you go for savory, if it tastes so good, it does not matter how “healthy” it is (aka, kale, squash, etc.).  For me, as I embark this healthier way of life, I try to think of the long term and the enjoyment.  I love savory foods, so I try to go for savory most of the time.  Start researching spices, veggies and such (e.g., garlic, lemon/lime, etc.) that help make food savory and tasty, and use that to help make the “healthy” food go from boring to irresistibly delicious.  

For meat eaters, grill or bake a light colored meat, and add mix in with the rice at the end with the kale.
Another tip, after the food is complete, fill 18 oz. microwave safe sealable containers about 1/2 way and there you have quick meals and lunches for the week.  
The finale

The finale

The food…..

Veggie Porridge  
2 packets of Seeds of Change rice, Caribbean Style Rice flavor (I chose this flavor to help with the savor…like my rhyming skills?)
1 spaghetti squash
Half a bunch of kale
1 handful of broccoli 
1 large zucchini
1 large squash
1 can of Eden Organic Red Kidney Beans (or 2 handfuls of raw kidney beans)
Locally grown, large cherry tomatoes
Sea salt
A few pieces of garlic
1/2 of 1/2 of an onion (make sense? haha)
Handful of cilantro 
Extra virgin olive oil 
Optional – either 1/2 avocado, dash of shredded cheese or small handful of cilantro
Yummy 'spaghetti'

Yummy ‘spaghetti’

The cooking part

  • Cut very small the onion, cilantro and garlic
  • Cut into 4 or 6 pieces the cherry tomatoes, squash and zucchini
  • Boil the spaghetti squash (cut into two halves, then boil in water), spoon out the seeds, and spoon out the “spaghetti” and also boil the brocoli
  • Add less than a table spoon of olive oil in a boiling pot and turn heat to medium
  • Once hot, add the onions, garlic, cilantro and tomatoes
  • Once simmered (like 2-3 minutes), add the rice (I did not microwave the rice, but you could)
  • Add the can of beans
  • Cook on low-medium for about 10 minutes, taste, if needed add a dash or two of sea salt
  • Add broccoli, squash, zucchini and “spaghetti” squash and stir for about 30 or so seconds.  Also get another taste, to make sure it is savory enough. If not, add a dash more of sea salt.
  • Cook on low another 10 minutes
  • Add the kale last and let simmer another 5 or so minutes
  • Top off serving with grated cheese, avocado or cilantro
*Note if you use raw beans vs. canned, soak them overnight in water.  That makes the next day cooking so much faster.  


The mushy, yummy dessert 

4 sweet potatoes 
A handful of pecans & walnuts 
A handful of raisons 
Tablespoon’ish vanilla extract (oh make sure you avoid that imitation mess, I try to get as raw as possible)
A dash of brown sugar (optional)
1/2 cup of greek frozen yogurt 
Part of the 'desserty' food

Part of the ‘desserty’ food


The cooking part

  • Wash and cut into 6-8 pieces the sweet potatoes, leave the skin on and boil in water until soft
  • Transfer sweet potatoes in bowl and mash
  • Add chopped pecans, walnuts, raisons and vanilla
  • If you want add brown sugar, I don’t, because it is too sweet for me
  • Serve about 4 oz.’isn and 1/2 cup of frozen greek yogurt
Now I like to make my yogurt and I need to perfect the “churn” effect to make it more like ice cream.  My sweet friend brought over an organic made local frozen yogurt in the picture, and although tasted just as good as mine, it gives that “ice cream” comfort effect.  Hope you all enjoy, for me, I got lunch for the week already ready to go. Dang, I am organized for once in my life!
I want to send a special thanks to these 3 companies that work hard to make a difference in my food world.  

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