Marvelous Momentum!

Back in November 2011, I was climbing in Spain with Silvia Fitzpatrick, while she was coaching me she noticed I only wanted to climb super vertical, crimpy, technical climbs, because I was so good at it.  So she made me get on a weird, weird, and well WEIRD yet demanding crack, and I took 2 really nice whippers, but since I am stubborn as an ox, I finished that route.  Afterwards she explained to me that I needed to expand my mind and stop being so narrow minded with my climbing to only what I am good at.  If I expose myself to all types of climbing, and strengthen my weak points, then my style of climbing will be even that much better. She was so right, I took her words to heart, and got back to the gym and got on everything and anything.  I hated sloapers, now I love them.  I hated cracks, I still hate them, but I sure as hell can lead them now.  I sucked at overhangs, and now I feel comfortable hanging like a monkey. I avoided bouldering, and now I am addicted to it.  On that trend, I travel a bit for work so I decided to take it to the next step.  Every city, every state I visit, I will not work out at the hotel, but rather find a climbing gym, learn new routes, and new ways so I can get stronger and better.

This week I am in Salt Lake City, and I hit one of my favorite gyms, Momentum!  Yes this sweet gym is in the parking lot of a huge shopping mall, conveniently located right off of I-15, adjacent to REI, surrounding by lots of dining and so on….but what I LOVE about this gym is the friendly staff, welcoming gym members and kick butt route setting, I never leave the gym without a sweet workout!

So when you are in Salt Lake City for business, NO EXCUSES, checking out Momentum is a must, here is the low down of what to expect:

  • Hours of Operation – This gym is open quite a bit from early to late hours.  During the week they open as early as 6 am during weekdays and close at 10 pm.  Fridays and Saturdays close at 11 pm and Sunday hours are 9 am to 7 pm.
  • Hand me the Money – The cost for adults is $15 (+tax), and gear rental from $3-8, depending on what you need. For frequent business travelers to SLC, be sure to ask about their punch passes.
  • Locker Rooms – The bathrooms are really spacious and there are plenty of lockers.  There are also cubbies as well for storing your items.
  • Get Your Fitness On – Be sure to stop on upstairs and get some cardio in on their treadmills or get a workout on.  They have great equipment for some good cross training.
  • Ok Kiddos! – Yup if you are traveling with family, while mommy and daddy climb, the kiddos can get their fun in too, this gym has a day care.  It is $4/hour, and $3/hour for subsequent siblings.  Make sure to call for hours prior just in case.  For vacationers, they also offer a series of summer camps, just a thought if you have an extended stay with your kids out of school.
  • WARNING for Rope Climbers -There are lots of amazing climbing in this gym, over 40 foot walls, over 8000 sq ft of top roping, over 9000 sq ft of lead climbing and most of all, really awesome, consistent and generally sustained route setting, kudos to Momentum!
  • Attention Crack Climbers – There is a dedicated section in the back with crack climbs, all kinds, all widths, you can now train for some of that Moab and amazing Utah crack climbing.
  • Bouldering Paradise – Ahem, well the Bouldering Gods surely stopped here when the gym was being designed, because they use every inch, nook and cranny available for bouldering.  From vertical, overhung, to super duper insane overhung, slightly overhung, slabby, aretes, and so on.  I have so many favorite boulder problems, that I get so anxious in my car whilst driving over when I am done with business, I need to scurry and hurry and get some problems sent!
  • Courses – If you are extending your stay over the weekend, be sure to check in on their courses as they offer a decent set of courses including a few courses on outdoor climbing.

Bottom line, this gym is amazing, full of energy and fun folks.  Make sure to get you climb on at Momentum next time you visit Salt Lake City!

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