Moments of Reflection: Live Life Strong!

It is time to embark the weekend journey.  What to do, what to do?

Having a finger injury is not fun for rock climbers because climbing with one arm is not impossible, but super hard.

I tried climbing in Utah last weekend and let me tell you trying to climb making my left hand the primary source of force (haha my lame rhymes!) is….lets say my left arm got pumped out!

So if I cannot climb today in order to slowly help heal that finger, I decided to would play a little this weekend.


Today after working a long day, I decided to take a 4-mile speed walk beside the SoCal ocean and began to reflect….and I kept thinking Live Life Strong, Live Life Strong….Live Life Strong…here is what my brain spit out after 4-miles of ocean in motion…..



Live life reflecting and learning from the past, enjoying life in the current moment, and planning a soulful and peaceful you in the future.


Take life as it comes at you and make the best with what you have to work with.


The best you make of your past, present and future will always help build a stronger you!

Enjoy the slides below, find the picture or pictures that inspire you and reflect on how you will embark a weekend to remember, enjoying the simple things in life whether hiking, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just plain chillax’ing….

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2 thoughts on “Moments of Reflection: Live Life Strong!

    • Well put Ellen, love it, I was so inspired yesterday, I have had some pretty tough times growing up and in my adult life, but somehow the ocean told me oh no girl, every season has its ups and downs, its up to you what you do with it….so I am frustrated I got a angry finger, but I am happy to be blessed with amazing friends and the sport of climbing! The rocks will always be there waiting for me!

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