The Sky is the Limit No Matter What the Grade!


Just quick reflection….I took this photo with my cheap camera after a long climbing day in classic Archidona in Spain April 2012.  This picture reminds me that opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit…only two months and I have over 1200 hits on!  I have lots of potential fun opportunities, have learned a lot about a lot of new awesome crags and have met some really awesome fellow climbers!

Now time for all of us to reflect….how does climbing identify you? Is it all about chasing grades or about embracing the defying act of just climbing the best that you can no matter what the grade?  Recently I got the chance overseas to climb with some of the best and up&coming climbers out there and none ever talked ‘smack’ about grades (even though they were seriously bad ass phenomenal!) but rather they spoke of their love for rock, what it has taught them and their ability to engage in the beautiful act of climbing…we all need to recognize whether it is a 5.0 or 5.15, what we do is courageous, yet so deep and soulful.  So my words of wisdom?  Enjoy life to the fullest and embrace the blessing of being able to engage in the act of climbing no matter what the grade!

Thanks all for your support, soon I will be working up cool coupon deals….watch out soon, until then, thanks all ad enjoy life no matter what the grade!


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